My wonderful wife gifted me with a Ruger GP100 for our 6th anniversary. Today, we had an unusually warm day, so I took it out to the range for some initial testing.

Except for one cylinder of PPU 158 grain jacketed hollow points, all loads were powered with Bullseye powder and small pistol primers. The bullets were lubed with Black Magic, a concoction of mineral spirits, While label Lubes’ Xlox and 350 nano graphite powder from The Graphite Store.

The target is a 7/8″ square bullet hole paster. All shots were fired at 50 feet.

I did not have an adequate rest to put the pistol on, I had to rest the butt of the grip on the table and do the best I could. I had some difficulty focusing on the sights, but I was able to make them out enough to shoot. “Old eyes and irons sights”, as the saying goes.

All the load data came from the Lyman 4th Edition Cast Bullet Handbook. All data was cross referenced in other manuals to verify dependability.

I had no way of knowing if the loads I chose would be accurate or not as this was the very first test. Furthermore, I had no way of knowing where the sights were set on the pistol. Ya’ gotta’ start somewhere, right?





DSCN2699, new





Although all the shots hit high and a few went off the paper, I’m not disappointed. As I mentioned, this was a preliminary test with unproven loads and I wasn’t set up to shoot the best I could.

I can say, however, that the Black Magic lube is working well for me. I found no leading and very little to clean out of the barrel when I was done.

The next step in this parade is to load up some light loads with some Lee 358-148 button nose wadcutters in 38 Spl. cases to dial in the sights. I’ll fabricate some kind of rest to put the barrel on so it will be a bit easier to keep the sights on target.

Thanks for dropping by and having a look. I always enjoy having visitors to my site.

Please shoot responsibly and safely.


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Retired from industrial construction and livin' the dream in the mountains of Virginia.
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