A friend had an old, used Ruger Explorer pellet rifle he wanted to get rid of. I looked it over and found it to be in rough shape. The rear sight was broken, the front sight was demolished beyond repair, the hinge screw was missing the lock nut and both fore end screws were missing.

He offered to give me a new set of rimfire rings and the rifle for $25. I have a selection of old scopes layin’ around, so I figured “What the heck, let’s take a chance.”

I found screws to fit it at the hardware store for a buck and two 250 round boxes of pellets for $3.29 each. I still didn’t have $35 in it, but I still didn’t know if it would shoot, either.

I got it home and started in on it. I ripped off the old sights and replaced the missing screws.


After removing the rear sight, I cut the front sight off with a hack saw, filed down what was left of the plastic base and smoothed it out with a Scotch Brite pad. I installed the rings and an old Bushnell Sportview 3X9X40 that wasn’t worth putting on a 22 single shot.


I ran a tight patch through the barrel with a bit of Hoppe’s Number 9 on it. Just a bit of dirt, but the second patch came out clean. I set up my portable shooting table on the deck, put up a target at 50 feet and started shooting. The first 15 or so rounds were all over the map. I thought “What have I thrown $35 away on?”

All of a sudden, it settled down and started grouping. I figured the residual from the Hoppe’s might have affected it and when that was gone, it started shooting.

I put up another target and dialed in the scope.

DSCN3144 Not too shabby for a beat up old pellet rifle, huh? So, for $35 and a hour’s time, I have a pellet rifle to plink cans from the deck.

I’m grilling Country Style boneless pork ribs this afternoon. What do you suppose I’ll be doing while the ribs are on?




About Jim

Retired from industrial construction and livin' the dream in the mountains of Virginia.
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2 Responses to AN OLD PELLET RIFLE

  1. The Celt says:

    Way to go Jim!!!! It ain’t bear medicine but it looks like a fun shooter. Plus, you’re getting exercise with that break barrel rifle!!

  2. plmitch says:

    Looks likd you got a shooter there Sir!

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