Seeing Red.

Recently I reviewed the little red Savage Rascal I got for my girls.  Sunday just gone we went to my club range to try the rifle out for the first time with the girls shooting it and not me.  I had previously sighted the rifle so as not to waste any time and in doing so had experienced a few misfires.  I didn’t think a great deal of it at the time and foolishly doubted the Eley ammo. 

The girls were fair itching to get behind the butt of the Rascal and once they had some tuition on using the peep sight and what the sight picture should look like we began burning some rimfire…..mostly.  Those misfires I experiencd came back to haunt us and about 25% of the rounds failed to fire.  This was disappointing and off putting for the kids but we got there in the end and it wasn’t long before the bullets began tracking into the black.  Here are the 25m targets, Abby left, Kiera right:



After getting home I gave the rifle the once over and paid special attention to the firing pin.  The impact the firing pin was leaving pn the cartridge rim was a very broad by rimfire standards.  I began to wonder if the energy of the strike was not being focused properly and this might be the cause of the misfire.  On the Monday I took the rifle back to Gunworks from whence I bought it and Robbie immediately downed tools to look at the problem.  He drew the same conclusion I did and set to a remedy it by shaping the face of the firing pin into a sharper profile.  The results were like night and day.  No more misfires.  The following photo shows cases that had misfired previously but after the alteration discharged perfectly.  See the difference in impact imprint.


We are not the first to experience this minor issue with the Rascal as a quick search of the internet showed.  I just wonder if the good folk at Savage are aware of it?  Time to drop them a line.

Keep your powder dry.  Jeff.


About JeffinNZ

Dedicated cast bullet shooter, runner, fisherman and father for two beautiful girls.
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2 Responses to THAT LITTLE RASCAL!!

  1. chris says:

    Did you ever happen to hear back from Savage about this issue? I’m considering buy this rifle for my son. I’d hate for his first rifle to be ridden with misfires.


    • JeffinNZ says:

      Hi Chris.
      The store I bought the rifle from is also a ‘gunsmith’ so they put the issue right. Don’t be put off. The Rascal is an awesome little rifle. I’m not far off starting a build on a laminate stock now the girls are growing out of the plastic one.

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