I have a friend in Kansas, Gary Martin, that’s been experimenting with powder coating pistol bullets. He posted recently about a method that really simplifies the process.

A lot of bullet casters have been experimenting with this, but most use a static charged sprayer. Gary’s method eliminates the need for the sprayer, thus reducing the initial start-up costs.

I was so impressed with Gary’s post, I asked him if I could reproduce it and publish it here. “Absolutely!” Thanks, Gary!

I was in the process of coating some more bullets today and thought I would present a pictorial of just how easy and simple this process actually is. I started with a half tsp of Green PC added to a Cool Whip Tub with some plastic BB’s and approx. 60 230 gr pre sized 45 bullets. I size to .452″.



I then put the lid on tight and shake/tumble the Tub for a minute or so. I then start picking out the coated bullets with a Hemostat and place them on a baking sheet.


Into the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees and then water drop them and start all over. Very simple and one coat is all I’ve been putting on and the lube grooves are totally coated . I run them back through the sizer and they’re ready to load.

Thanks, Gary! Excellent post!




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  1. James Caldwell says:

    Jim, Thanks for passing the info on concerning pc bullets. I need to do a batch of 45’s for my revolver and will give it a go. Jim C. East Tn.

  2. plmitch says:

    Great write up. I’ve haven’t tried any of this but plan to. Those are some green bullets.

  3. James Caldwell says:

    Jim, I coated the boolits and am ready to go to the oven. Gary didn’t say anything about an odor, and I’m an old coot, but smart enough to not want my wife to kill me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James

  4. Gary says:

    James, what do you consider an old Coot? I’m a young 68 Y.O. and simple refer to my actions as “going through my second childhood”. As regards to odor, I hope you aren’t contemplating Baking the PC’d bullets in the house. And yes, you wouldn’t be a “old Coot” any longer, cause death would be relatively soon but not necessarily quick, if you get my drift.
    Here’s how I do mine: First off I purchased a Toaster Oven from my local Good Will Store for $10 which works very well for this process, just make sure (with an over thermometer) that it reaches and maintains the desired temp.
    I ONLY USE THIS DEVICE IN MY SHOP!!! There are odors, not to bad, but distinct. Wouldn’t be appropriate for the “little woman’s” kitchen. I usually run mine @ 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Others use less temp and less time, I don’t have a lot of other things I need to do so time isn’t as demanding for me.
    Now, fire off the Toaster Oven and get busy, I know you’ll like the result.
    BTW, check out my posts about recent changes/additions to PC’ing cast bullets such as the addition of a ziplock bag to the process.

    • James Caldwell says:

      Thanks Gary, You young whippersnapper! I thought there probably would be an odor, but wanted to ask. Had forgotten about it but have a toaster oven in the basement. Will get it going tomorrow. By the way I’ll be 73 in August, just getting started on that second childhood. Again, Thanks Jim C.

  5. Gary says:

    Let us know of your results. This stuff is the real deal in terms of ease of application and it does produce some real pretty bullets.

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