I recently acquired a used, but in very good condition, Browning 22 auto rifle.


When Browning designed this rifle, for some odd reason, they did not incorporate a bolt lock to hold the bolt open for cleaning and such.

The rifle is designed to be broken down where the barrel connects to the receiver. I suppose they figured the barrel could just be removed for cleaning. I’d rather not go through all that every time I want to pull a patch through the barrel.

I got to thinkin’ there’s got to be a way to hold the bolt open. I discovered that a 1/2″ flat washer is just a tad too big to slip in the receiver with the bolt all the way back. No problem, that’s what I have a tool drawer full of files for.

I filed the necessary amount off two sides of the washer at right angles, one at 12 O’clock and the other at 3 O’clock. A 1/8″ hole for a keeper strap and I had a piece to hold the bolt open.


Pull the bolt open, slip the modified washer in the action up against one side with one flat inside and the other flat forward, release the bolt and the bolt is open. Just that simple.


Now I can pull a patch through the barrel any time I want without having to go through all the trouble of breaking the barrel off the receiver.


About Jim

Retired from industrial construction and livin' the dream in the mountains of Virginia.
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  1. plmitch says:

    Thats a neat idea.

  2. Creeker says:

    Very neat indeed.

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