In addition to muzzleloading rifles I also hunt with a number of single shot cartridge firearms.  Hunting with a single shot rifle is something I am totally comfortable with as having one round with no fast backup shot is a great motivator to get it right first time.  That said the dilemma is always how to carry spare ammo without it ‘chinking’ in your pockets or being stashed in your pack.  Answer: a butt stock mounted ammo carrier.  It’s far from a new concept and any number of commercial makers produce exactly the same item in terms of function but I don’t want nylon and elastic on my vintage rifles.  For that reason I fabricated a five round carrier for my Greener .310 Martini Cadet from leather.


The .310 Cadet round is very similar to the .32-20 cartridge with the main difference being the .310 shoots outside lubricated bullets.  Correct projectiles for the .31o Cadet are heel type with a lubricant groove on the front of the bullet outside of the case; essentially an overgrown .22RF.  In order to keep the lubricant protected from foreign material the cartridge carrier was made sufficently snug that the rounds are held firmly in place with the projectile noses protruding but the lube groove fully covered. 

This addition to the rifle will allow me to hunt small game with immediate access to six rounds (5 + 1) but still preserve a degree of authenticity.  The next project is to make a three round carrier for the Husqvarna .30-30 bolt gun in my stable of rifles.

Keep your powder dry.  Jeff.



About JeffinNZ

Dedicated cast bullet shooter, runner, fisherman and father for two beautiful girls.
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  1. plmitch says:

    Nice job.

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