The bullets used in the following targets are 55 grain ‘Dog Town’ Spitzer soft points from MidwayUSA . I can’t say for sure who made them for Midway, but they look very much like Sierra Blitzkings, number 1502.

I’m just getting started working with this rifle as I’ve only had it a coupla’ weeks. More research is forthcoming.


Just out of curiosity, I tried IMR 7383 behind these bullets. I was very surprised they performed with this powder.

On the day I shot this target, I was dealing with a very bad cross wind. With a 16 power scope cranked wide open, the gusts were actually moving the rifle. I feel pretty sure I can do better and will reshoot this load under better conditions.


The bullets used in the test below are 80 grain PSPs I bought from Titan Reloading. I machined the exposed soft points off down to the jacket mouth.


This is a group I was pleased with. I think I can get this down to one or possible sub MOA.


I went to ‘Happy dance’ mode on this one!



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Retired from industrial construction and livin' the dream in the mountains of Virginia.
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