Welcome to “The Gun Guy”! I’m a National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor and I’m proud to say I’m recognized by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. I’m an active member of Moose International and the Floyd Moose Lodge. I’m also a member of the Floyd County Coon Hunters Association. And certainly, I’m very proud to be a citizen of Floyd County.

In my column, I’ll be talking about firearm related issues such as safe gun handling, Commonwealth of Virginia firearm laws and tips for the firearms owner on care taking and maintenance of firearms. The primary goal of my column is to educate current and potential firearms owners on safe gun handling practices. I cannot stress that enough. There are far too many stories in the news about people being injured or killed by someone that was handling a firearm in a foolish and unsafe manner. The stories that trouble me the most are about children involved in such accidents. If I can provide information that will help one person avoid a tragic accident involving a firearm, I’ve done my job.

The secondary goal of my column is to educate firearms owners about the firearms laws of Virginia. I can’t count the times, while giving a Concealed Handgun Permit class, someone has said “I didn’t know that!” My hope is to help you become a law-abiding firearms owner and avoid a firearms charge. Another thing I’d like to offer my fellow firearms owners are tips, tricks and helpful hints on proper cleaning, maintaining and storing firearms. A firearm is a manually operated machine. Like any kind of machine, if it’s properly taken care of and looked after, it will last for many decades. Wouldn’t you like to know that your grandchildren inherited a firearm that still works perfectly after all those years? If you have a question about firearms, don’t hesitate to write and ask. I’ll do my very best to provide my audience with accurate information. You can reach me by email at Label the subject line of your email THE GUN GUY. I hope you’ll join me every week as we discuss firearms related issues. Even with all the problems we’re facing in our great nation, we still have more firearms rights than any other country in the world. I’d like to be a part of helping to keep and protect those rights.

Shoot safely!



About Jim

Retired from industrial construction and livin' the dream in the mountains of Virginia.
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