This past spring, my wife gave me a Masterbuilt 44 inch propane smoker for Father’s Day. I had a great deal of difficulty getting chips to produce smoke because of the design of the heat shield and smoke box. I had to crank the fire up far higher than I wanted to get smoke.

So, I set about making some modifications that would allow me to smoke at low temps. First, I gutted the smoke box bracket and the heat shield assembly.

IMG_4929I then removed the two burners, installed a cut to fit piece of old rack from an old smoker and reinstalled the burners, trapping the rack section in place.

IMG_4930If I want to cold smoke, I can simple place my AMNPS on the burner rack without the burners lit.

IMG_4931If I want to hot smoke, I place a stainless steel cafeteria food pan full of chips on the burners, light the burner(s) and adjust for desired heat.


A coupla’ years ago, my wife gifted my with a Kenmore stainless steel five burner grill. I can’t imagine having one any better.

Wanting to be able to barbecue (250 to 350), I made some modifications that enables me to do that as well as grill at higher temps.

I found that I could remove the center rack, the three fire shields over the number two, three and four burners and put the rack directly on top of the burners.

IMG_4933I then built an elevated rack using expanded metal, angle iron and some hardware. The new rack is six inches higher and the grill hood will shut over it.


If I want to bring smoke into my barbecuing, I can set the stainless steel smoke box of chips or chunks on the rack over the center burner. With that one burner on low, I can control the cabinet heat down to 250 and generate plenty of smoke. If I want less smoke, I can place my AMNPS on one of the original racks off to one side. The AMNPS also gives me the option of cold smoking in the grill.

With these modifications, I can cold smoke, hot smoke, barbecue and grill. Life is good. Jim’s a happy boy!








About Jim

Retired from industrial construction and livin' the dream in the mountains of Virginia.
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