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First a little back story. When I was just a little kid my dad and I would watch Hogans Heroes every time it came on TV. He would always make sure to point out the various firearms portrayed in the show and tell me what each one was. Every single time a Walther P38 was shown he’d ooh and ah and proceed to tell me what a fine, fine pistol they were and that he’d always wanted one ever since he shot one and how he’d never find the one he wanted and etc etc. Listening to dad go on and on about those pistols built them up to an almost mythical status in my mind.

Flash forward many years, dad had passed away and never did find the Walther P38 he was looking for. JG Sales got in a bunch of Cold War era West German Police trade in Walther P38’s and had them on sale for $229 plus shipping. Well I had to get one, just to see for myself what the big deal was all about. Dad loved these guns and I had only seen them at gunshows and never wanted to pay the huge price they all seemed to want. Keep in mind I had built these things up to a status that was rivaled only by the Sig P210. The gun finally arrives at my FFL, we do the transfer and I head out to the range for some quality time.


I set up at 21 feet first, just to get my feet wet. I was less than impressed. It’s accurate, it fits the hand well, it’s a single stack so it’s going to feel good regardless. The sights are typical U notch and the trigger is creepy on double action, but a clean break on single. I’m still not impressed. I think I had built it up too high all those years that I was simply disappointed by typical Walther P38 performance. I decided right then that I was going to trade/sell the gun instead of keep it.

A buddy of mine knew I was not attached to the P38 and offered me a KelTek PLR16 in trade. I swapped in a heartbeat! That KelTek was loud, obnoxious, blew fireballs the size of trashcan lids, it was JUST the thing for the firing line with my buds. I soon became bored of the PLR16 and traded it for a German AK47 imported through Interarms. Meanwhile my buddy who had the P38 had decided to sell it and offered me first refusal. I bought it back for $200.

A couple of years later a friend of mine who I had traded with numerous times before offered me a Beretta 92F for the P38. I traded, this was something like the 4th Beretta I had traded into with this same guy. Not too long afterwards he offers me first refusal on the P38, for $200. I buy the thing back.

This same guy who traded me the Beretta asks me a couple months later if I still had the P38, I did. He asks me if I want to trade it for a Gen3 (which was new at the time) Glock 17. I trade the P38 for the G17. I hated that gun. I had had a G17 Gen2 before (from the same guy) and disliked it, and disliked the Gen3 as well. It shot great, but it’s just not for me. Not too long later he calls me and asks if I want to trade back, I do!. That’s 3 times I’ve tried to get rid of the P38 and 3 times it came back to me. I’ve decided it’s a keeper now. I think I’m supposed to have this gun.


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